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Dynamic Posture Training

A journey of medical knowledge coming together with dreams Scripture led Danielle, a qualified physiotherapist, to develop a Christ-centred exercise. The exercise is focused on who you are in Christ portrayed in your ideal posture.


"For in Him we live and move and have our being...for we are His offspring." Acts 17 v 28


An exercise where the Truth of who we are in Christ and fact (exercise principles) come together to strengthen and heal our bodies, souls and spirit through His word.


 Rahzu is mindful exercises that focus on gaining a healthy, and your ideal, posture.


  It consists of THREE phases that will guide you in the process of becoming more mindful of your new posture. As you activate and strengthen your core and the muscles around your joints it helps maintain this ideal posture in functional movements, sport and everyday living.

1st phase

The initial phase is about ACTIVATING all the correct muscle patterns and stabilisers in your newly learnt posture. This is done on the floor in different starting positions.

2nd PHase

In the second phase, you start from your ideal posture, you exercise by STRENGTHENING and STRETCHING different muscle groups maintaining this posture. The stabilisers in your body are strengthened by challenging your balance in a functional position and by creating your own resistance in your body as you exercise using muscle control.

3rd phase

The last phase is about being MINDFUL of the Lord Jesus Christ through interpretive movement from Bible verses used as positive declarations over your life. As you transition from one movement to the next, your focus is on your breathing and body awareness, while you meditate on Christ. 



Rahzu Danielle Labuschagne

 “For in Him we live and move and have our being... for we are His offspring.” Acts 17 v 28 

Danielle Labuschagne is a physiotherapist and she has seen that when her patient‟s posture improves and they learn how to move well, their pain reduces significantly. The deep truth about posture and movement is to carry yourself within your identity in Christ. You are made to be royalty. An overcomer. Truth changes your heart, your mind and your body.


In October 2015 Danielle had a dream. It was about a beautiful woman getting dressed in a bridal gown in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle. The woman represented the Bride of Christ. The bottom part of the gown had layers of net protruding from the dress. She had maidens helping her to get ready. As she was getting dressed, idols appeared standing up from her dress. In the dream, she walked up to Danielle and she started weeping...


The Holy Spirit spoke to Danielle's heart: "I want you to create a new type of exercise where I am the focus. I am the source of life, the true vine and the Tree of Life. I am the true Healer and I want to use this to awaken and heal my Bride. This is not only for my Bride but for the world. They need to know who I truly am and to experience my Father's love for them. I want to heal their spirit, soul and body through movement.” 


Danielle researched "God my healer" in Hebrew translated to "Yahweh Rapha‟. Movement translates to “Therefore, the name had to be ' healing movement'. t'zuzah” in Hebrew and so it became “Rahzu”. 


The next piece of the puzzle in God's plan was for Danielle to go to a healing school at Bethel Church in Redding California in May 2016. Jesus healed her neck and her back without anyone touching her. In His presence, there is healing and fullness of joy. The Lord showed her the truth about posture is to carry one's identity in Him. The movements are derived from a compilation of Scripture in the Bible that becomes sequences of movement. That is how Rahzu is being created. 




Morning + Afternoon classes

at various venues


Your first class is free.


Thereafter it is:

R100    | Single Class

R330  | Monthly fee, once a week*

R550  | Monthly fee, twice a week*

* Payable in advance


Gym clothes + Barefoot

You are welcome to bring your own exercise mat, but there will be mats to available at a fee of R10.



I have wanted to start an exercise program that strengthens my core and improves my posture but my good intentions never realised until I met Danielle and heard about her unique approach. I had a conviction in my heart that this that this was what I had to do!


The combination of powerful declarations of God’s truth over you and the movements that she incorporates, works together to strengthen you both spiritually and physically.


If you are interested in joining a class or want some more information, feel free to send a message to


082 855 7980


d’Olyfboom Conference & Wedding Venue and Medical Centre

14 Napier Street, Paarl

Cape Winelands

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